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Grace & Keenan Real Estate Success With Teneriffe Wool Store Riverside Apartments

A rich history is the heart of this vibrant Brisbane suburb. The heritage-listed Teneriffe Wool stores opened in the early 1900’s and was a centrepiece in the riverside suburb’s industrial history. With the commercial wharves and the large stores, used for both wool and grain, Teneriffe and it neighbouring suburb New Farm quickly became a buzzing commercial hive. However, as the city grew larger the industrial business moved on. As recently as 1990, the suburb of Teneriffe was almost completely abandoned.

It wasn’t long before the potential of this beautiful riverside suburb was noticed. Brisbane City Council partnered with the Queensland and federal governments on the Urban Renewal Taskforce, and in 1995 an ambitious plan to revitalise the industrial land.  The focus of the project was to transform the industrial centrepieces into show-stopping attractions. The wool stores were transformed into luxurious apartments bursting with history and personality. The former electricity station located in New Farm is now famously known as the Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre. The old commercial gasworks, now known as the Gasworks Plaza, an effervescent hub of cafes, restaurants and boutique stores. However, at this time it was not the suburb as we know as Teneriffe, it was the suburb of Newstead. These two suburbs were combined in the year 1975 and stayed this way for 25 years. It wasn’t until 2010 that the two suburbs were then divided and defined as Teneriffe and Newstead.

The wool stores, in particular, have gained the most interest in Teneriffe. The wool store apartments have become immensely popular for young professionals to families to retirees, who seek a suburb that complements their lifestyles by providing beautiful riverside parks, local farmers markets, cafés, restaurants, bars, and an endless list of things to do.

The wool store apartments offer residents open-plan apartments with high ceilings. As you explore the wool store apartments it’s industrial history is evident through it’s exposed beams and open brick feature walls.

Grace & Keenan real estate have had great success in this niche riverside suburb.  When becoming a homeowner of one of these outstanding heritage-listed apartment, not only are you gaining a wholesome home full of personality, but also a luxurious suburb vibrant with life and atmosphere.

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